Lou Reed, Mistrial

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 02.06.12 in Reviews


Lou Reed

In which Lou Reed meets his New York anti-doppelganger, Patrick Bateman, in a Totally ’80s sweepstakes that’s been largely lost to history. In truth, though, it’s kind of a kick to hear Reed battling it out with a wall of processed guitar, beer-commercial saxophone, and gated-to-death drum machines: if nothing else, it proves how adaptable this hard-headed man often was. Mistrial isn’t just a time capsule for how it sounds, either: “This is the age of video violence,” he bemoans in one chorus before railing against televangelists, and in another song’s verse he tells us that “Outside reflects the worst of styles.” But he still has some fun with “Mama’s Got a Lover” who’s “into dirty rotten essence of urban decay.” Sounds familiar.