You Say Party! We Say Die!, Lose All Time

David Stubbs

By David Stubbs

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The second album from the British Columbian band takes up where their 2006 dance-punk debut left off. Like so many of their peers, You Say Party look back to the harder, leaner, cooler cultural times of the late '70s/early '80s for inspiration, with their funky, skidmarked guitars, squawking organ and high-metabolic rhythm section. These skinny, frantic pellets of power pop recall, in flashes, the B-52s, Pylon, the Comsat Angels, even Siouxsie & the Banshees (“Moon”). “Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!” is a real Top Cat-style, post-punk celebration of outdoor dancing; “Like I Give a Care,” with its bullhorn vocals, summons images of an armed pom-pom girl rebellion.

One pom-pom girl rebellion, coming right up.

But while there's a lot of conspicuous, if highly enjoyable, homage it's Krista Loewen's organ sound which lends You Say Party a contemporary sheen, adding velveteen, droning layers to “Poison” or a subtle nagging on “Giant Hands.” Then there's the piano-and-vocal-led “You're Almost There.” More than just a quiet moment, the song feels like a metamorphosis — as if this is You Say Party “for real,” beneath the party-punk mask.