Loops of Your Heart, And Never Ending Nights

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 03.27.12 in Reviews
Shimmering mid-’90s ambient from the Field’s Axel Willner

It would’ve been easy to write off Axel Willner as a one-trick pony even if you did fall for his 2007 debut as the Field, From Here We Go Sublime. Infinitesimal loops that glance obliquely off of their sample-subjects, building and cresting gradually over long periods? That’s entertainment? But the Field’s three albums have made good on that promise. And Never Ending Nights, the first album by Loops of Your Heart, another Willner alias, is something closer to the mid-’90s ambient that an on-paper description of the Field’s methodology might call to the mind’s ear. “Broken Bow,” for example, features a groaning (maybe slowed down?) repeated pluck of an E-bow, eventually fading into a deep-meditative motorik machine groove. The shimmering soft-focus pulse of “End” and the stranded-on-Eno’s-”Another Green World” synths of “Cries” are meant to be deep background, and succeed handsomely at it.