Lizzo, Lizzobangers

Victoria Segal

By Victoria Segal

on 11.22.13 in Reviews


Eyeing up the planet with the confidence of a new-generation Missy Elliott

“Big girl, small world,” declares Detroit-born, Houston-raised, Minneapolis-based rapper Lizzo on “W.E.R.K Pt. II,” the hectic second song on her debut album. As slogans go, it’s an accurate encapsulation of the dauntless attitude she displays on Lizzobangers, a record on which she eyes up the planet with the clear-eyed confidence of a new-generation Missy Elliott. A four-way collaboration between the dynamic Lizzo, a member of alt-Destiny’s Child group the Chalice, Gayngs maestro Ryan Olsen, producer Lazerbeak and rapper Cliff Rhymes, it combines Lizzo’s whip-smart, conversational zing with a dizzying musical backdrop. The break-neck one-girl rap-battle of “Pants Vs Dress” shows just how much Lizzo has to say — and how quickly — but she has more than one trick, bouncing between different registers without a second thought, meditative and intimately chatty on “Wat U Mean” (“I remember being sad about boys and stuff but that was way back in middle school/ Now I’m making crowds make noise and stuff”), strutting and sexy on the whistle and throb of the break-out single “Batches and Cookies,” and wittily political on “T-Baby” and “Faded.” The world might be small, but with Lizzo at large, it’s just got a lot more interesting.