Cabaret Voltaire, Live At The Hacienda.’83/’86: 11.08.83/19.02.86.

Mark Paytress

By Mark Paytress

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A document of live shows that had a dramatic impact on Manchester’s burgeoning dance scene.

An important aspect of post-punk was that many acts shunned the classic four-piece guitar-based line-up in favour of something a little more … electronic. While industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle were pushing the boundaries of what could acceptably be termed music in Hackney, London, Cabaret Voltaire were doing something similar in their Western Works studio in Sheffield. Always less abrasive than TG, the Cabs were also more rhythm-orientated, and with the departure of Chris Watson in 1981, the remaining duo of Stephen Mallinder and Richard H Kirk stripped back the band's sound and gave new emphasis to the beats. Electro dance was truly born with The Crackdown, their first major label set, and much of that material is reprised here in shows that had a dramatic impact on Manchester's own burgeoning dance scene. The samples that once formed a central element in the CV sound still remained, albeit in more subtle ways, as evidenced on “24/24.”