Lindstrøm, Smalhans

Bill Brewster

By Bill Brewster

on 11.02.12 in Reviews
A pleasing and glittery attack more suited to headphones than the dancefloor

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is the leader of a new generation of Norwegian producers that also includes Prins Thomas – with whom he has made a pair of albums – Todd Terje, who mixed this album, and a host of mainly Oslo-based DJ/producers, including the godfather of the scene, DJ Strangefruit. As one of the few non-DJs operating in house music, his music has a pleasing and glittery attack that is often more suited to the headphones than the dancefloor, and his fifth solo album, Smalhans, is no exception. With a running time of little over 30 minutes, there is no room for fat, as he leaps stylistically from the imaginary soundtrack of “Rá-Àkõ-St,” which comes on like the futuristic theme from The Persuaders, to “Vā-FlÄ™-R,” which combines Giorgio Moroder’s motorik rhythms with the wild oscillations of Tangerine Dream. On “Lāmm-Ęl-Āār,” he even hits the button marked trance and zips off into the EDM ether (though with somewhat more taste than lesser lights on that scene). When anchored by a four-to-the-floor rhythm, he messes with form and function with some wonderfully disorienting melodies. Apparently, all the tracks are named after traditional Norwegian dishes. Can’t vouch for the food, but the musical accompaniment is suitably tasty.