Lindsey Buckingham, Law and Order

Barry Walters

By Barry Walters

on 09.12.11 in Reviews

Law And Order

Lindsey Buckingham
A meticulously super-tweaked solo album

1981′s Law and Order is truly a solo album: Lindsey Buckingham plays and sings nearly every part on it. The production is meticulously super-tweaked: Every guitar and vocal overdub glistens as though it was recorded with the best of microphones in rooms with impeccable acoustics; there are times when everything is so bright and shiny that the effect is Disney surreal, as if Buckingham and his Mac studio collaborator Richard Dashut had sped up the tapes or at least sprinkled them with pixie dust. The fluidity of his guitar runs in “Trouble” is amazing, but it’s part of a bigger, twinkly picture full of tinkling triangles, cracking castanets, and cooing background cries. This song and most others here revisit the innocence of late-’50s/early-’60s pop, but the ultra-vividness of Buckingham’s technique estranges his output from his models, just as lounge lizards like Les Baxter distilled bachelor pad exotica from world music.