Light Asylum, Light Asylum

Ian Cohen

By Ian Cohen

on 05.01.12 in Reviews

Light Asylum

Light Asylum
Confrontational and catchy, with enough fire to raze small cities

Sharon Funchess’s voice is a bionic force. Even without the band’s doomsaying, electro-goth production, there’s enough fire in her bellow to raze small cities. Imagine Grace Jones as a monster truck rally announcer, and you start to understand how Funchess could make even a run through her grocery list sound like the impending apocalypse. On the full-length debut from her band Light Asylum, Funchess’s fire, and the coldwave synths that surround it, achieve a thrilling symbiosis, while the loaded religious imagery of her lyrics make singles “IPC” and “A Certain Person” as confrontational and provocative as they are catchy. Light Asylum’s debut isn’t perfect, but there’s not much else like it out there right now — which is probably much more important.