BJ Snowden, Life in the USA and Canada

Irwin Chusid

By Irwin Chusid

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
This Canada-centric outsider diva inspires big hugs.

B.J. Snowden is a prime example of a raw and somewhat awkward performer who radiates obvious talent. Her songs are instantly likeable and she captivates audiences of jaded hipsters. She lives in upstate Massachusetts, but her border-crossing love of Canada has sparked a half-dozen songs about the provinces. Her gigs are heartwarming and life-affirming. I've attended at least 25, and enjoyed every one. I've convinced plenty of skeptical friends to attend — and they always feel compelled to give her a hug after the last encore. Snowden doesn't know what "outsider" means. She's convinced she should be selling millions of CDs and earning big money on her music. (I don't disagree.) She gave permission to include her anthem "In Canada" on the first Key of Z compilation, but later told a mutual friend she was not happy about it — "Because," she said, "everyone else on the album is so terrible." Even among outsiders, there is disagreement about the value of each others 'music.