Lia Ices, Grown Unknown

Rachael Maddux

By Rachael Maddux

on 01.24.11 in Reviews
One chillingly gorgeous track after another

Lia Ices was born and raised in a beach town on the coast of Connecticut, studied in the Experimental Theatre Wing at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and wrote her second album, Grown Unknown, in a secluded cabin in snowbound Vermont. Suitably, her work meshes together elements from all three seemingly disparate locales — a deep reverence for the endless rhythms of nature, a relentlessly avant-garde bent, a sense of being slightly out of step with the miniscule dramas of everyday human life. The singer/songwriter/pianist's debut LP, Necima, was released in 2008 on New York's Rare Book Room records; last year, she was snatched up by Bloomington, Ind.-based Jagjaguwar, home also to Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, who pops up for a duet on her new release. It's fair to classify that song, "Daphne," as one of Grown Unknown's most stunning cuts, but that's not really saying much — the record unspools end-to-end with one chillingly gorgeous track after another.