Lindstrom and Solale, Let’s Practise

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

In the world of cosmic disco, Lindstrom is king. He grabbed this made-up throne with 2005's insta-classic “I Feel Space,” in which he defined the genre in seven minutes of assured strut. But in the world of dance music two years is an eternity.

It’s good to be the king.

Even so, there are timeless sounds in dance music and Lindstrom taps into perhaps the most timeless of all on his newest single, “Let's Practise.” I refer, of course, to Giorgio Moroder's bubbling synth that undergirds Donna Summer's “I Feel Love.” Here, Lindstrom slows it down just a tad and pops open up a little melody to celebrate. Little more is added aside from Lindstrom's EQ tweaks, giving the vocalist Solale a chance to work her improvisational magic over the top.

Speaking, singing, pushing, pulling — Solale uses whatever means necessary to seduce you, simultaneously wondering what she can do without us and then wondering what made her act the way that she did. Throughout, though, we can hear her laughing — she knows as well as we do that Lindstrom's still the king. All we can do is pay our respects.