Tony M.F. Rock, Let Me Take You To The Rock House

Jon Caramanica

By Jon Caramanica

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Let Me Take You To The Rock House

Tony M.F. Rock

Let Me Take You to the Rockhouse is a document of a time where hip-hop was uncertain of its next move. Maybe Southern rappers would prove their lyrical dominance: "P.W.Y.P. (Practice What You Preach)" compellingly argued that case. Maybe hip-hop would become sexy: the title track here is an exercise in the short-lived (and underappreciated!) hip-house sound, a logical partner to Miami's bass scene. Or maybe it would become really hardcore: "I'm That Type Of Nigga" was a thugged-out answer record to LL Cool J's super-slick come-on "I'm That Type of Guy." The correct answer was: all of the above. Not that Tony M.F. Rock was around to see it — he left the rap world to become an in-demand bass player, and ended up in the black rock outfit El Pus.