Heavenly, Le Jardin De Heavenly

Peter S. Scholtes

By Peter S. Scholtes

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
An indiepop classic: indelible songs and irresistible choruses.

Defense Exhibit A in the case for "twee," this 1992 album is as tentative and heartbreaking as your first crush object, capturing a London band in transition — after the addition of a second female singer on keyboards, before the sound hardened into something more conventional and pop-punk. (Heavenly include former members of Talulah Gosh, and future members of Marine Research and Tender Trap.) Here, the keys chime, the girl-voices soar and the guitars hum like patient motors, with Calvin Johnson barging in for "C Is the Heavenly Option," the kind of collaboration K Records made a tradition of. Drummer and primary songwriter Mathew (Fletcher), the brother of singer Amelia (Fletcher), took his own life in 1996, leaving Heavenly frozen in time forever.