Laura, Radio Swan Is Down

Tim Chester

By Tim Chester

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Australian post-rock straight from the Iron Lung.

Melbourne, Australia's Laura aren't exactly prolific. It's taken them six years to produce a mere three albums (one of which is a live recording) and a handful of EPs. Last year's Radio Swan Is Down, however, demonstrates the rewards of taking your time. It opens with their signature track, "Radio Swan Is Down, Part 1," a song perhaps unmatched in volume, speed, power and intensity by any other here — most of which is crammed into the final 90 seconds. From there arises "Is There No Hope for the Widows Son" which, along with the rest of the album, paints widescreen apocalypse onto drums and guitars and some truly demonic glockenspiel. The whole album was recorded in a tin shed rehearsal space they referred to as the Iron Lung, and the intensity of cramming six musicians into such a space for as many months is imprinted on the result.