Latyrx (Lateef & Lyrics Born), The Album

Hua Hsu

By Hua Hsu

on 05.22.11 in Reviews

Interesting things can happen when you’re just a few steps away from the limelight. Left to their own devices in the drowsy college town of Davis, California, DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truth Speaker honed their skills and starred in their own, imagined holy wars. The latter two teamed up for Latyrx, a fantastic, meticulously-crafted and deeply personal mission statement for the Solesides (later Quannum) crew. Like the best collaborations, it was a study in contrasts: Lateef’s spry, trickster brags and Lyrics Born’s bluesy singsong, old school mic-passing and space-age funk.