Telepathique, Last Time On Earth

Tolu Onafowokan

By Tolu Onafowokan

on 08.04.08 in Reviews

Brazilian duo Telepathique consist of DJ and producer Erico Theobaldo and singer Mylene Pires, hail from sunny So Paulo, and bring with them an album diverse in both sounds and influences. Tracks like "dj vu" and "Sex, Drugs And Funk And Roll" feature a more gritty and shredded, drum and guitar-driven style, while "U R A Joke" and "Telefunk" can mentally transport you straight from your tiny office space to a sweaty European discotheque.

The absolute standout is Telepathique's cover of Bryan Adams '"I'm Not the Man You Think I Am." Originally written for the film Color Me Kubrick, Pires 'accented and coolly delivered feminine vocals, laid atop energetic instrumentation, delivers Adams 'ballad from sad to sexy. They repeat the trick again on "You Don't Know," with Pires maniacal laughter and harsh accusations ("You don't know my logic/ Read it in my diary") hovering over a popping and stuttering backbeat.