Monster Movie, Last Night Something Happened

Jon Wiederhorn

By Jon Wiederhorn

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Familiar shoegazing turf? Not quite for this UK duo, featuring ex-Slowdive guitarist Christian Savill.

A UK duo featuring ex-Slowdive guitarist Christian Savill, Monster Movie walk familiar shoegazing turf, but add new elements to the musical mist. The group's debut full-length, Last Night Something Happened, incorporates strings, piano, organs and drum machines into a soundbed of chiming guitars, billowy feedback and sleepy vocals. Most of the songs are inhabited by an overriding sense of weariness. "Do you feel like your days are behind you?" sings Savill on "Shortwave." Whether it's a rhetorical question to his shoegazing peers — once heralded but now struggling to fill small clubs — is unclear. But while Savill and his kin may feel tired, they're not jaded, and songs like "4th and Pine" and "Winter is Coming" indicate they're still utterly swept away by beautiful sorrow, and still gifted enough to capture it time and again.