Lamb of God, Resolution

Phil Freeman

By Phil Freeman

on 01.24.12 in Reviews

Lamb Of God
Metal vets continue to evolve and progress

Lamb of God’s seventh studio album (counting their debut as Burn the Priest) is their longest to date, 14 songs in just under an hour. That’s a lot to withstand in a single sitting, and they seem to know it. They’ve tempered their post-Pantera sound with some acoustic guitar bits, a dash of the blues, Hatebreed-style gang vocals and other assorted surprises. Album closer “King Me” even features strings and operatic female vocals. Vocalist Randy Blythe is oddly reminiscent of Walton Goggins’s character, Boyd Crowder, on Justified: He might seem like just a crazy redneck at first, but hidden depths emerge quickly. Musically, the band is absolutely killing it this time out, particularly drummer Chris Adler, one of the most skilled players in modern metal. Resolution may be slightly overlong, but Lamb of God deserve a lot of praise for continuing to evolve and progress this far into an already successful career.