CocoRosie, La Maison De Mon Reve

Amanda Petrusich

By Amanda Petrusich

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

La Maison De Mon Reve

Pretentious, dreamy and beat-riddled, here’s tipsy transatlantic chanson from a pair of Americans in Paris.

The Casady sisters — Bianca and Sierra — are Americans by way of Paris, and churn out transatlantic folk songs, tipsy and beat-riddled, as reliant on broken toys as they are on acoustic guitars. La Maison de Mon Reve is pretty despite its considerable pretensions, and the sisters 'respective vocals (Bianca's pipes are sandpapery and loose; Sierra's quasi-operatic howls are clearly well trained) blend in the way that only sisters 'can, seamless and distinct all at once. Opener "Terrible Angels" creaks and drones, errant dings popping from every corner, as the Cassidys coo dreamy, semi-coherent couplets: "If every angel's terrible/ Then why do you watch her sleep?"