Helmuth Rilling Oregon Bach Festival Orchestra and Choir, Krzysztof Penderecki: Credo

Daphne Carr

By Daphne Carr

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Krzysztof Penderecki: Credo

Helmuth Rilling Oregon Bach Festival Orchestra And Choir

This Grammy-winning world premiere recording of Polish Krzysztof Pendercki's "Credo" is a neo-Romantic choral setting of one part of the Catholic high-Latin mass. A renowned avant-garde composer known for difficult string textures, Penderecki's work has evolved a distinct tonal sensibility and affinity for settings of mourning, remembrance and liturgical text. His "Crucifixus," a blend of Polish hymn set to children's choir with dissonant horns interludes, is the sound of a most 20th-century reflection on sacrifice, tinged with patriotism, yet full of unshaken belief.