Kim Burrell, Try Me Again


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Try Me Again

Kim Burrell

Called by some the Ella Fitzgerald or Dinah Washington of modern gospel, Kim Burrell scats, sings and praises on Try Me Again, her power-packed and jazz-flavored 1997 release. On "Seeing Over," Burrell lets loose with a string of syllables that would make Ella and Dinah proud, scatting and oohing with her perfectly pitched voice while encouraging Christians to "believe in the man that died on the tree" so we can "see over" our problems.

And with Burrell's soothing croon to impart to us the Lord's comforts, our worldly problems seem a galaxy away. Opening with the breezy title track, Burrell invites the listener to flow with her as she asks the Lord to use her for his bidding. When the song moves to a skit-scat tempo with the bass pumping in the background, you can't help but sing the vamp "here I am" right along with her. The following track, "Home," is a very traditional portrait of our ascent into heaven, her moving voice preparing our souls for the moment when we encounter Jesus on his throne.

Burrell is a former protegee of the Rev. James Cleveland, and with "I Found Him," she imparts some of her master's teachings, using his trademark cadence to describe how she had to humble herself to find God. (Many Christians believe you must submit yourself to God's will by being on your knees.) Considering her stirring voice, it's no small feat for Burrell to truly humble herself. But having praised the Lord since the tender age of one when she reportedly sang her first solo in church, Burrell has had years of practice and a lifetime of blessings with which to prepare herself.