Kevn Kinney, Sun Tangled Angel Revival

Kandia Crazy Horse

By Kandia Crazy Horse

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Cult favorite gets inspired by the demise of the once-fruitful New South.

Kevin Kinney is a latter-day Dixie troubadour, lyrically idiosyncratic and vocally quirky in the vein of such precursors as singer-songwriter John Prine and assorted country-blues masters. Long a cult favorite on the Southern scene (with such exalted fans as Warren Haynes), Kinney, who started out with the celebrated Drivin 'N Cryin', made his finest and most accessible record in a while with 2004's Sun Tangled Angel Revival. The hard-luck Irishman brings his weary air of sadness to bear on songs apparently inspired by the ravages of Bush America. Raging guitars and bluesy sheets of sound surround his lyrical studies of both personal pain and the demise of the once-fruitful New South. It's Techno-Bush (both puns intended) sonic animus that inspires "Madman Blues" and "This Train Don't Stop at the Millworks Anymore" equally.