Kekko Fornarelli, Room of Mirrors

Dave Sumner

By Dave Sumner

on 12.21.11 in Reviews

Kekko Fornarelli

The late Esbjorn Svensson transformed the piano trio with his use of electronic effects and a penchant for dynamic melodies that strayed far out to the fringes of jazz. Unsurprisingly, he inspired a new wave of pianists. With Room of Mirrors, Kekko Fornarelli has positioned himself as the torch bearer of the New Piano Trio. Kekko’s talent as pianist and composer is evidenced in his fearless use of dramatic tension and the wisdom to never let it devolve into silliness. On double bass, Luca Bulgarelli sticks to the shadows, revealing his presence with an uplifting lyricism. Gianlivio Liberti’s percussion is an elegant touch that softens the edges. The electronics ebb and flow, never gimmicky, never intrusive. A smart recording with an emotional presence. Evocative and addictive.