Juned, Every Night for You

Douglas Wolk

By Douglas Wolk

on 08.03.12 in Reviews
Stretching beyond their punky/poppy vibe

A remarkable document of an odd moment in Seattle’s music, Juned’s second and final album finds them stretching out far beyond the punky/poppy vibe of their first. (Its first song is named after stoner-metal icons Kyuss; its last is an airy waltz that’s a showcase for Seattle experimental violinist Eyvind Kang.) One of Juned’s escape routes from alt-rock purgatory was the delay-heavy guitar sound Dale Balenseifen and Claudia Groom had picked up from British new wave; another was their feathery two- and three-part harmonies. The result is a little bit like an Americanized version of Lush, except with a rhythm section that kicks extra-hard — the bridge of its single “Possum” is basically Juned demonstrating that they can do metal too.