John Adams, Century Rolls / Lollapalooza / Slonimsky’s Earbox

Seth Colter Walls

By Seth Colter Walls

on 08.05.11 in Reviews

Century Rolls / Lollapalooza / Slonimsky's Earbox

John Adams

Whether he’s whipping up aggressive essays for orchestra or extended pieces for chamber ensembles, Adams is renowned for creating kinetic machines that swing and jag and thrust and bump. “Lollapalooza” and “Slonismky’s Earbox,” in particular, are both compact works you might play for anyone who thinks “classical music” equals “restrained” or “boring.” This high-value release pairs those two works with “Century Rolls,” a three-movement piano concerto commissioned by the virtuoso Emmanuel Ax. The Cleveland Orchestra, a legendary ensemble for new music, matches the pianist for intensity and precision.