JEFF the Brotherhood, Hypnotic Nights

Bill Murphy

By Bill Murphy

on 07.17.12 in Reviews

Hypnotic Nights

JEFF the Brotherhood
A road-trip-with-the-top-down kind of album

Despite their youth, JEFF the Brotherhood — Nashville-born brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall — have been at the power-duo thing for a while now, and although Hypnotic Nights is their major-label debut, a few of these songs have already seen the light of day on their previous teaser EP, co-produced with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. It’s clearly a road-trip-with-the-top-down kind of album, kicking off with the guitar-crushing “Country Life” and leading into the head-nodding punk groove of “Sixpack.” Influences run the gamut from the Ramones (“Hypnotic Winter”) to the Stooges (“Staring at the Wall”) to Nirvana (“Leave Me Out,” which broods with Cobain-like lethargy), but the Orralls are more than mere punk-rock chameleons. Somehow, after seven albums and more than 10 years of making music (they started in high school), they’ve held onto their fumbling innocence, and that makes for some seemingly accidental songcraft that borders on inspired genius.