Too Short, It’s About Time

Brian Coleman

By Brian Coleman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
If you’re expecting intelligent social commentary, you’re in the wrong place.

Long before the world heard Too $hort's breakthrough single "Freaky Tales," the man born Todd Shaw made a name for himself slinging homegrown cassettes in the Bay Area. As shown here, $hort's style hasn't changed much since he began. The music is uncomplicated: usually replayed funk hits by a studio band (or friends who could play keyboards, guitar and program a drum machine). Lyrically, $hort is not a tongue-twisting MC. He speaks straight to his audience; he's a compelling storyteller — and he can be pretty amusing. These cuts here are all about two things: general bragging and — as $hort calls them — beeotches. Nothing more, nothing less. Highlights from this early stable of cuts include the electro-tinged "From Here to New York," the off-kilter, strutting "Coke Dealers," and the humorous "Invasion of the Flat Bootie Bitches." If you're expecting intelligent social commentary, you're in the wrong place. But Too $hort's place in hip-hop history is undeniable.