Various Artists – Memphis Industries, It Came From Memphis

Simone DeBoulevard

By Simone DeBoulevard

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Most famous for discovering Dungen and the Go! Team, Memphis Industries is based not in Tennessee but in London, where the label's co-founders, brothers Matt and Ollie Jacob, focus their wide antennae for new talent. It Came From Memphis (which, incidentally, is not related to the well-regarded blues series), features a dozen songs by nine artists on the M.I. roster, ranging from the deadpan drawl of Absentee's "Hey! Tramp" to the classic girl-group stylings of the Pipettes '"Because It's Not Love" to a pair of sad-toned, retro-tinged, indie-pop cuts from Field Music, "Tell Me Keep Me" and "Feeding the Birds" ("The itch is getting worse and it's spreading, " the latter opines about heartache). And J Xaverre's "Sports Day 1983" is that rare thing — a mid-to-late-'90s-style breakbeat-and-found-sample assemblage that evokes a hazy summer day in a small college town without sounding completely irrelevant.