Dixie Witch, Into The Sun

George Smith

By George Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Twenty years ago, Dixie Witch might have had success in the arenas. Into the Sun comes down on the well-muscled side of southern rock, equivalent to the work of the Blackfoots, Hydras and Axes — in other words, the bands that didn't score any radio play and hardly anyone knows about anymore. For a band associated with the stoner movement, Dixie Witch have very little, if any, Black Sabbath in them. Instead the singer sounds like the poor man's Joe Walsh, a skill used to great advantage on "The Bomber," an old James Gang number that even goes so far as to include the original pastoral middle guitar excursion separating the tune's primary riffs. Boogie fills and breaks juice up Dixie Witch's heavy rock & roll, the title cut breaking into an accelerating tromp before it careens over the finish line. We hope Bill and Geezer will remember, Southern man don't need them around, anyhow.