Mac Mall, Illegal Business?

Andrew Nosnitsky

By Andrew Nosnitsky

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The late Mac Dre is clearly the most revered rapper to ever come from Crestside of Vallejo, but it's his protégé, the then 16-year-old Mac Mall, who may have dropped the dopest full length. Produced entirely by Khayree, Illegal Business was the first release on his Young Black Brother label (the label's name was a nod to the debut record from the then-incarcerated Dre). Informed by LA's G-Funk movement, Kharyee provides the bass-heavy, plodding mob slaps for Mall's boastful swagger to inhabit. Check for the delightful misogyny of “Sick Wid Tis,” where Mall runs through the dignity of “period having, stank pussy, yeast infection, no money, tramp bitches.”