Idjut Boys, Cellar Door

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 08.06.12 in Reviews
Decidedly modest for something so long-aborning

British DJs Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell work under a number of goofy aliases — Pastrami Man, Mad Imbecile, Phantom Slasher, Head Arse Fusion Band, Meanderthals. Still, it’s surprising it’s taken so long (the duo has worked together for some two decades) to make a second album under their best-known moniker, Idjut Boys — the first was in 1998. But for something so long-aborning, Cellar Door is decidedly modest. The Idjut Boys’ core style is what clubbers dub “Balaeric” — essentially, slow-to-moderate-tempo soft-rock grooves that wash over you like ambient music even when the pulse is direct and driving, or, as on “Le Wasuk,” scratchy rhythm guitar and organ washes duel one another over a reggae lope. The same relaxed feel pervades all eight tracks here, not always flatteringly — the anonymous siren singing “Shine” and “The Way I Like It” makes them seem more tepid, not less. But Tyler and McDonnell can space out without going adrift: “Song for Kenny” is an irresistibly creamy piano-led confection, done with a light touch that’s playful, not silly.