Iceage, New Brigade

Lindsay Zoladz

By Lindsay Zoladz

on 12.21.11 in Reviews
An abrasive debut that convincingly resurrected the spirit of ’77

If the Ramones had grown up under the influence of hardcore — and also if they’d all had impenetrable Danish accents — the result would have sounded a lot like Iceage. In a year that saw plenty of acclaimed artists mining the sounds of soft rock, New Brigade was a refreshing anomaly: an abrasive, out-of-nowhere debut from four Danish teens that convincingly resurrected the spirit of ’77. “Remember” sounds like a Wire song riddled with bullet holes, the lightning riffs on “Collapse”‘ teem with manic energy, and “Broken Bone” shrugs off all the carnage with classic punk apathy (“It was just a broken bone”). Twenty-five minutes of raw, pummeling power, New Brigade was perhaps 2011′s most succinct, and convincing, argument that punk’s not dead.