Hundred Waters, Hundred Waters

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 12.05.12 in Reviews

Hundred Waters LP

Hundred Waters

Gainesville, Florida-based avant-folk outfit Hundred Waters defy easy definitions on their beguiling, absorbing and richly detailed debut album. They’ve toured with Skrillex and recorded for his OWSLA label, and Hundred Waters has an expensive-sounding attention to production value. But it’s cheap to sound expensive these days, and singer-percussionist Samantha Moss’s fleetly wandering vocals here, swathed in sinuous electronics, have more in common with those of Björk, Bat for Lashes or another recent tourmate, Julia Holter. Or a smokier-voiced Joanna Newsom: The twinkling synth tones and winding harmonies of “Boreal” belie a heroic narrative that lets its freak-folk flag. Hundred Waters run deep.