Hudson Mohawke, Satin Panthers

Philip Sherburne

By Philip Sherburne

on 08.01.11 in Reviews
An impressive amount of swagger and glitter in 17 minutes

Hudson Mohawke’s Satin Panthers EP is only five tracks deep, but it packs an impressive range into its 17 minutes; not to mention an impressive amount of swagger. A former DMC champion and moonlighting hip-hop producer, HudMo is often affiliated with dubstep’s loosey-goosey fringes, where head-nodding sometimes trumps hip-shaking. But “Thunder Bay” is a jump-up anthem of epic proportions, gathering grime’s tinny pizzicatos, tumbling snares and sped-up vocal samples and throwing them into the air like fistfuls of glitter. The trance stabs in the breakdown are an audacious move, proof that HudMo has little truck with arbitrary standards of taste. “All Your Love” ventures even farther in its journey to the outer edges of cheese, powered by a helium-filled progression that’s modeled on the most grandiose products of stadium rave, but between the house-y piano chug and the lumbering Phil Collins toms, it’s impossible not to get swept up in its delirium. “Cbat,” meanwhile, is a skulking masterpiece of boom-bap minimalism, spacious enough to accommodate a rapper, and complete enough that it hardly needs one. “Octan” and “Thank You” bookend the record with zippy arpeggios and chords that move like golden-haloed clouds; the latter, in particular, is an exuberant ode to joy.