Howlin’ Wolf, His Best, Vol. 2

John Morthland

By John Morthland

on 06.15.11 in Reviews

His Best, Vol.2

Howlin' Wolf
Packs nearly as much wallop as the first volume of Howlin’s greatest hits

The Wolf's music was violent and aggressive — the menace of "Commit a Crime" and "Down in the Bottom" is all you need hear to know that — but records like "Howlin' Wolf Boogie," "Tail Dragger" and "All Night Boogie (All Night Long)" were full of good humor and just plain ol' good times. "The Natchez Fire," meanwhile, sounds like slow death, which is exactly what it was for the victims of that disaster, and Wolf's reading of "Crawlin' King Snake" is as original as the original songs Dixon wrote for him. The big hits may occupy the first volume, but this one packs nearly as powerful a wallop.