Animal Collective, Hollinndagain

Andy Battaglia

By Andy Battaglia

on 04.22.11 in Reviews


The Animal Collective
Deeply ritualistic — ripe for haunted ceremonies in dark rooms

Recorded at live shows before it was clear whether Animal Collective played merely songs or improvised parts of desiccated symphonies, Hollinndagain sounds deeply ritualistic and ripe for haunted ceremonies in dark rooms. It was released on limited-edition vinyl after their 2001 album Danse Manatee (itself no easy find at the time), and the reissue on CD works now to build bridges over vast stylistic fissures heard in the Animal Collective catalogue proper. The key is that it's live — an incarnation in which the group's sense of wonder is free to wander over time, which stretches and bends through spells of mellow moaning and buzzing builds of noise (hear both in “Pride And Fight”). The mix of careening madness and barely-there drone laced through “Forest Gospel” captures the Animal Collective of 2001 in a telling mode: chaotic, anxious, poisoned, poised — and ready to blow at any given moment.