Hole, Pretty on the Inside

Kevin O'Donnell

By Kevin O'Donnell

on 09.21.11 in Reviews

Pretty On The Inside


Courtney Love had clear, perhaps calculated, career ambitions long before marrying Kurt Cobain in 1992. She tapped Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon to produce her band’s 1991 debut, which added indie cred to a release many may have overlooked otherwise. Despite the star power, Love’s tunes are unforgettable nightmares of tortured femininity (“Babydoll”), lost innocence (“Good Sister, Bad Sister”) and twisted psycho-sexual encounters (“Mrs. Jones”), all delivered with her frightening gale-force caterwaul. The album-closing cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” (titled as “Clouds” on this album) is a shockingly great reinvention of the singer-songwriter’s original.