Various Artists, Highbury Anthems

Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Boring? They’ll just keep scoring: Aresnal classics collected

Although lacking the 1971 football classic "Good Old Arsenal," this album can boast the club's biggest hit, the 1998 top ten "Hot Stuff," inspired by a scene in hit movie The Full Monty, where a group of wannabe male strippers are taught to dance to Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" by replicating the legendary Arsenal offside trap of the early '90s. With lyrics nodding to the defensive past of the newly invigorated Arsenal team — “You're telling us we're boring/ We'll just keep on scoring now” — it captured the spirit of the club's new era under manager Arsene Wenger. Two years later they tried to repeat the trick, rewriting "Mambo Number 5" as "Arsenal Number One," but although a well-worked single, it only just dented the top 50. The album also boasts two other official club records, courtesy of the FA Cup finalists of 1972 and 1979, and the jangly indie charm of "The Only Cockney Rebel That Ever Meant a Thing to Me Was Charlie George."