Henny Youngman, Henny Youngman Himself

Neil Hamburger

By Neil Hamburger

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Henny Youngman Himself

Henny Youngman
One laugh after the other with the master joke-teller, circa the late ’70s.

Here's a bombardment of non-stop laughs, served up almost encyclopedia-style by a true star in the now-deceased comedian galaxy. Unlike today's meandering observational stand-ups, who are content with a few knowing smiles and a big laugh every couple of minutes, Youngman aims for eruptive, persistent, feverish laughter &#8212 the kind that leaves an audience feeling drained and possibly ill. Recorded in an unspecified city on an unspecified date many years ago (the Farrah Fawcett joke suggests the '70s), this album finds Youngman doing what other comedians only dream about: literally SLAYING his audience! (OK, not literally.). All great comedians require a catchphrase, and Henny's classic "Take my wife, please!" sets up the predicted barrage of hilarious jokes at the expense of the missus. The only drawback to this wonderful album is the inclusion of multiple "Polack jokes," long since rendered obsolete by great Polish contributions to mankind, ranging from Nobel Peace Prize recipient Lech Walesa, to high-quality, low-hangover Polish potato vodka.