Modeselektor, Hello Mom!

Philip Sherburne

By Philip Sherburne

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Eurocrunk.

Bpitch's resident pranksters, the grinning duo Modeselektor, are quickly becoming known for an over-the-top live show combining 808-driven booty bass, IDM-inflected hip-hop in the spirit of Prefuse 73 or the Chocolate Industries label, ragged scraps of dancehall and reggaeton, and an impish delight in the mind-numbing repetition of piledriving rave stabs. To gauge their sense of humor, just check the Apple startup sound inserted in the middle of "Turn Deaf." (The first time I heard it, I was sure my computer had crashed and was rebooting in mid-song.) Their 2005 album Hello Mom, featuring vocals from Paul St. Hilaire (aka Tikiman) and French hip-hop tricksters TTC, is a masterpiece of the genre Modeselektor rightfully call "Eurocrunk." And as a special bonus, the Hello Mom Remixes EP contains a track by the shadowy, celebrated minimal-techno producer Sleeparchive.