Hell Rell, J. Stalin & Lord Geez, Guilty By Association

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 03.24.11 in Reviews

J Stalin is a Bay Area rapper with a smooth, puffy face and a mournful baby-gangster aura — hearing him snarl about crack deals gone wrong and ordering hits on his enemies carries a jarring weight when you hear it delivered with such conviction from a painfully young voice. He has been gathering a larger fan base in his home town of West Oakland CA, as he mixes this compelling voice with day-glo, Miami Vice-inspired 80s synths. Guilty By Association is an hour of glowering, uncut street rap, nothing but grim-faced threats and sneered boasts, alongside Harlem rapper and former Dipset affiliate Hell Rell: "My Life" vibes alongside an uncharacteristically laid-back, lounged-out track.