Dominik Eulberg, Heimische Gefilde

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Even — nay, especially — Luddites will love Dominik Eulberg's unique brand of electronic music. Eulberg's a naturalist by trade and he brings his love of wildlife to his epic minimal-house anthems on Heimische Gefilde (“Native Habitat”). Before each cut on the album, you can hear Eulberg speak (in German) about the animal that inspired it. (Luckily for the non-German speakers in the audience, he often mimics that sound in the course of his mini-lecture.) Every so often it's a tad hard to hear the connection, but more often than not it's an easy analogue — the eagle owl of “Adler” is unmistakable from the moment that the melodic theme emerges, and to hear Eulberg coo like a bird, well… you just have to be there.

Nature lessons from a minimal techno kingpin.

This isn't just a science class, though. Hardcore techno fans will find a lot to love in the expert edits that Eulberg crafts here. (Many of these tracks have previously been released in longer versions on vinyl.) “Gasthof ‘Zum satten Bass'” is a proven peak-time dance floor filler, “Der Buchdrucker” will serve as a nice cool-down for any slave to the treadmill and many more (“Der Hecht im Karpfenteich,” “Björn Borkenkäfer”) split the balance between the two. All of which kind of makes Eulberg the coolest science teacher alive. Or, at the very least, the funkiest.