The Warlocks, Heavy Deavy Skull Lover

Lenny Kaye

By Lenny Kaye

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Heavy Deavy Skull Lover

The Warlocks
Los Angeleno rockers help put the psych in –delia

Drones a-modaling, vocals that spin and centrifuge, tempos that move forward with a ponderosa stomp of inevitability, heavy on amp overload and the turbo whine of feedback — these are the things that draw me deep within the psychic implosion that is the Warlocks of Los Angeles. On this, their sixth album, the ever-changing aggregation led by Bobby Hecksher embark upon a textural unfolding that moves each track from light to dark in a howl of all-encompassing maelstrom. The touchstones are Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Flying Saucer Attack, along with others who put the psych in -delia; but the bracing wall of Warlocks 'noise creates its own inner sanctum — or is that sanitarium? The whirling dervision of "Zombie Like Lover," the perversely majestic "So Paranoid," the up-the-down-staircase of "Interlude in Reverse," the Fugs fugue "Death, I Hear You Walking" — all of these are keys to the Warlocks.