Vienna Piano Trio, Haydn: Piano Trios Hob.XV – 18, 24, 29 & 25 ‘Gypsy’

Gavin Borchert

By Gavin Borchert

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Haydn: Piano Trios Hob.XV - 18, 24, 29 & 25 'Gypsy'

Vienna Piano Trio
Are these the most unjustly neglected pieces of Haydn’s oeuvre?

Many Haydn fans feel his piano trios are the most unjustly neglected of all his works. It was a form he concentrated on later in life, alongside the symphonies, string quartets, and Masses of his full maturity. The best-known trio is No. 25, with its whirlwind “Hungarian” finale, nicknamed the “Gypsy Rondo,” here played in a brilliant display of virtuosity and energy by the Vienna Piano Trio. The slow movement of No. 29, by contrast, demonstrates Haydn's skill at writing music at once tunefully uncomplicated and deeply affecting.