Bobb Trimble, Harvest Of Dreams

Alan Light

By Alan Light

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Self-releasing psych pop outsider gets reissued.

Dating from 1982, Bobb Trimble's second self-released album could easily be mistaken for something waxed a decade earlier — the aching vocals recall Marc Bolan or Al Stewart, while the swirling acoustic guitars bring Badfinger or fellow quasi-mystical obscurity Roger Rodier to mind. Weird ambient sounds of a playground (“Take Me Home Vienna”), the sound of a disconnected phone incorporated as tremolo (“The World I Left Behind”), quizzical arrangements (the abrupt tempo shift in “Another Lonely Angel”), fuzz guitar leads and backwards tape display the album's psychedelic pedigree, while surreal touches like the two minutes of silence halfway into the first side (“The World I Left Behind”) or the track allotted to the group of neighborhood 12-year olds playing and singing a song of their own (“Oh Baby”) plant Trimble firmly in the category of outsider music. Hardly “freak folk,” this is pop at its most ingenuously anachronistic.