Harry Nilsson, The Point!

Barry Walters

By Barry Walters

on 02.15.12 in Reviews

The Point!

Harry Nilsson

Inspired by an acid trip in which singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson realized that trees and houses and more or less everything in some form or another has a point, this soundtrack to ABC Television’s 1971 animated movie is presented as a children’s bedtime story. Although the narrator-father’s voice was originally supplied on TV by Dustin Hoffman (and Ringo Starr for home video), Nilsson here tells his own story about how even apparent outsiders all fit into nature’s plan: At one point, you can even hear him turning a page. Despite the running, punning theme, there are few hard edges to be heard: Whether speaking or singing, Nilsson is as gentle as any dad could be with his child, and the music – deftly arranged by early Nilsson collaborator George Tipton and executed by such studio session greats as Carol Kaye – ranks among his most melodious. That’s a high standard indeed.