Tim Hecker, Harmony In Ultraviolet

Andy Beta

By Andy Beta

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Submerged emotions, deftly drawn to the surface via guitar washes and computer voodoo

For his fourth full-length (and first for ambient mainstay, Kranky) it's difficult to pinpoint just what makes Tim Hecker's Harmony in the Ultraviolet such a high water mark in laptop music. There's no paradigm shift (a la Christian Fennesz's Endless Summer), no sweeping statement, just a tactile sense of craftsmanship. Both granular and grandiose, Hecker's washes of guitar and computer voodoo evince a sedulous sense of flow. The aqueous imagery isn't coincidental — HitUV feels oceanic, almost like the sentient body of water from the movie Solaris. Within its abstract waves and turbid depths lie submerged emotions, which Hecker deftly draws to the surface.