Joyce, Hard Bossa

Mac McCaughan (Superchunk)

By Mac McCaughan (Superchunk)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Hard Bossa

Magically elastic bossa nova performed by a gentle powerhouse

When Superchunk was in Chicago recording Come Pick Me Up, I didn't leave the studio for seven days due to the snow and our work schedule. When I finally did I went to a record store and Joyce was playing on the stereo. I bought a compilation and brought it back to the studio. "Is this any good?" I said. Jim O'Rourke's eyes lit up in the affirmative. Joyce began making music (and recording her own songs, and playing guitar) in the 60's and nearly four decades later she's still making magically elastic music that goes beyond the "bossa" label that the title here implies. She is a gentle powerhouse.