Dave Rudolf, Halloween Spooktacular

Madelyn Rosenberg

By Madelyn Rosenberg

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Unlike Dr. Elmo, Dave Rudolf, a three-time winner of the Parent's Choice Award, has a great singing voice, though it's sometimes hard to tell which of the voices he uses on this album is actually his real one. Over the span of 11 tracks he is alternately Elvis Costello and Graham Parker, not to mention an old-west cowhand and a sensitive werewolf. A comic imitator and innovator, he tries on musical genres the way some people try on Halloween costumes: "Ghoul's Limbo" is an island tune; "I''m a Boogey Man" and "Ichabod Crane" sound more like ’80s rockers; "Dracula Visits the Dentist" is a cautionary "tale of terror" about Transylvania's finest, who has gone more than 200 years between dental checkups.