Adrian Legg, Guitar Bones

Bill Milkowski

By Bill Milkowski

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Rebel guitarist tweaks tradition.

A masterful exponent of the Celtic-styled hammer-on/pull-off technique, Legg's sheer command is astounding here on fingerstyle ditties like "Uncle Adrian," "The Ederly Jig" and "Short Story." But it's Legg's renegade streak that we've really come to admire over the years, and his playfully irreverent side manifests on the Kottke-esque slide vehicle "The One-Eyed Turk, his countrified Albert Lee-meets-Joe Pass turn on "Jam Today" and his knucklebusting closer "Een Kleijne Komedye." Few possess the chops (and sense of humor) of this uncommon acoustic guitarist.